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Alice MacDonald, AmSAT

Alice is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique Teacher. She trained and certified under the direction of Ann Rodiger at the Balance Arts Center. Currently, Alice teaches both private and group AT sessions in multiple locations in New York City and Southern Maine, including the Balance Arts Center (NY), Movement Research (NY), and Rosemont Wellness Center (ME). She enjoys working with a wide range of communities including performing artists and people with EDS/HSD. Alice is involved in the dance community as a performer, collaborator and teaching artist in both New York and Maine.

More about my story….

As a dance and performing artist, I first found my way to Alexander Technique (AT) after accruing chronic back pain and several injuries through dancing and repetitive strain on my body over time. After my first few lessons, I recall having a sense of space and ease in my body, as well as markedly less pain in my current foot injury, and feeling like I had connected to the ground for the first time in months. It was a relief not only physically but mentally. AT continued to supported a full recovery of my injuries and has taught me a method by which I can promote general ease and coordination in all of my activities as well as my changing environments.

In this process of healing and re-educating my movement and how I thought about movement, I deeply connected to what Alexander Technique teaches. The AT learning process guides the student towards the discovery of their own habits of thought and movement. This awareness sheds light on ways that one might be interfering with their own optimal functioning and provides a process for making new choices and directing oneself towards an easier and more connected experience. The agency a student has in this process differed from other modalities I had encountered and was an empowering element in my connection to it. Realizing that after each lesson I could take what I had discovered and apply the method of inhibiting my usual response and allowing space to choose a new response and thus a new experience could be applied to everything I did. For me, the AT process has become an integral way of approaching all the activities in my life and is constantly evolving and refining! Wanting to share this healing practice with others, I became an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique Teacher, trained and certified under the direction of Ann Rodiger at the Balance Arts Center.