Taking a Lesson

One-on-one Alexander lessons allow for a deeper, individualized approach to the AT process.

In a lesson, students are guided to move with awareness while integrating new choices and direction that will lead to dynamic balance, increased coordination, appropriate muscle tone and effort, and a general sense of ease and lightness. Through building conscious awareness of how one is moving, we create an opportunity for choice and can then make a change towards a more optimal, dynamic experience.

In a lesson we will work with simple movements like sitting, standing and walking. We may also work on any specialized skill or activity such as playing an instrument, singing, performing, working at a computer, driving, carrying bags, etc.


Benefits Include

  • Improved balance & coordination

  • Increased ease in focus & attention

  • Increased efficiency in movement

  • Increased spatial and kinesthetic awareness

  • Improved quality of breathing

  • Decrease in habitual pain & chronic tension

  • An experience of using less effort



Brooklyn & Manhattan, NY

Portland & Bath, ME


Lessons are 55 minutes.


Contact me for rates.


Suggested attire for lessons is comfortable clothing you can move in and a shirt with sleeves.